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  1. Hi, Jim

    Thank so much for the announcement and all your help. It’s an exciting project and I’ll do my best to start working on the translation as soon as possible.

    If you need help, I could do the proof-reading for you, but I guess I wouldn’t be very objective doing so. 😉

    Some authors told me they were glad to recognize much of their writing after using Google Translator upon my Spanish version of their works. Even with books that I translated the old fashion way, without the Google Translator assistance.

    So, I’ll keep you informed about the project.
    And thanks again for all your help with the updated ebook files and the image covers and your books recommendations. It’s always great to discover new indie authors, even more when they’re so kind as you.


    David, from Artifacs Books (Artifacs Libros)

    • I have a Spanish-speaking friend who has been a supporter of Green Comet from the beginning, and he’s looking forward to seeing the translations when they come out.

      That sounds like an interesting experiment, to run the translation back through translation software.


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