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  1. Learned of this Book/Audio while on the PClinuxOS forums.
    Thank you for the effort you put into this book and audio, And to be given freely to all is truly a gift. I am sure I will enjoy them much…
    Thanks Again
    Mike, aka wildman

  2. I finished reading Green Comet listened to it all
    So very exciting especially the game flashball
    The movement of the players is rather like a dance
    And oh yes rbj has included a really hot romance

    The characters have fur and fly about on wings
    Can’t remember but don’t think any of them sings
    As of now there is not one illustration
    But no matter just use your vivid imagination

    It was interesting to learn about synesthetism. Don’t ask me to explain what it is, but we probably all have a little bit of it.

    I probably see, hear, feel, taste and smell in terms of ‘silly’.

  3. Unfortunately, the extension I’m working on now has a lot of vacuum in it and in a vacuum no one can hear you sing. But I’m starting to hear someone singing in Green Comet, her sweet voice echoing down the corridors. So far, she seems to be one of those characters that you never see, kind of like Buzzard’s guy. I’m not sure yet whether she’ll ever materialize, but she’s there, tickling my auditory canal.-)


  4. You’re so bossy!-) The reading will be available soon, depending on your definition of soon.


  5. Downloaded Green Comet – PDF with no problem. Kinda slow, but steady.
    Seems to be working Ok. Slow could be the hotel where I am at the moment.

  6. At first the links seemed slow to respond, especially those of Green Comet. But I tried again and now they seem to be working. (I tried several links of each extension randomly, too.)

  7. Thank you, Laird. I appreciate your taking the time. About the reading, I did a test download on it and it works fine here. The readings require unzipping to use the files.

    Your failed download. Sometimes people have to right-click the link and choose “save link as …” (or something to that effect) to start the download. You might try again.



  8. I just randomly came acrozz this site, not intentionally looking but i have found what i am looking for… my questions on the clouds above led me here

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