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The Plainsrunner

Pushed out of her village, Sage’s only option is to begin the grueling trek to the city, a place so evil in her imagination that she might be better off if she didn’t make it. The dangers she faces and the challenges she must meet on her trek are only the beginning of the much greater journey she has begun, carried on the sound of the hooves of the Plainsrunner.

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The Prime

Business as usual turns out to be something else. When Tallgrass shuttles diplomatic staff out to the big cargo vessel, it turns out to be not as routine as expected. When a merchant tries to set up shop there, he discovers another meaning for business as usual. Business as usual a million kilometers from home has a lot in common with the business of greed and intimidation back on the street.

When the aliens came, returning their stolen resources, Tallgrass thought it meant a bright, enlightened future for his people. When he finds more of the same old thing, he’s tempted to forget about it and just do his job. Why should it matter to him who’s running the business? Honest merchants or thugs and criminals, what business is it of his? It would be easy to keep his head down and mind his own business, but it’s not likely to work out that way.

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It was just a quick visit to see his friend’s home world, but it turned into a run for their lives. Pursued by the state police for the crime of blasphemy, and by the revolutionaries to protect their secrets, Tallgrass and Phi soon run out of options. They must take the risk of trusting strangers to try a final desperate plan. Failure will mean not just the end for them, but disaster for Phi’s world. Success will depend on their courage and their friendship.

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