Green Comet goes to University

At the Universidad de Costa Rica they have been studying Green Comet, the first novel in my Green Comet trilogy. As a result a student, Monica Feng Wu, an undergraduate in English as a Second Language, has written an essay analysing chapter thirteen of the book. Her teacher, Professor Roberto Savaria, advised me and sent me a copy of the essay. Ms Wu has kindly agreed to allow me to share it with you.

Chapter thirteen is the one where the people slowly collect data on the Visitor, a mysterious object observed in space, but ultimately learn little about it. It’s one of the chapters written without dialogue, and in the dispassionate language of historical reportage.

Ms Wu has hit upon the essence of the chapter, and by extension the whole book. I wanted to use clear language to tell a simple story, and it looks as if it worked. From the essay:

Although the story mentions the comet and scientists, it is easy to read and understand; it does not use complicated terms to describe the studies done by the scientists therefore the comprehension of the plot is smooth.

The author uses simple words to describe the process that the scientists did. In such a way the reader is easily engrossed into the text.

Additionally, the chapter enhances the curiosity of the readers by giving out a mysterious perception; it talks about an unexplainable visitor and leaves a cliffhanger for the reader at the end of the chapter.

All in all, the story is alluring since it is easy to follow; it intrigues readers about scientists’ mindset while creating a sense of mystery about the comet.

Also, as it happens with Bowering’s chapter, readers put into action their imagination by depicting the events and speculating what follows next in the story.

Thank you Ms Wu. Thank you Professor Saravia. It is a pleasure to see my book through other eyes.

Readers can find the chapter and the full essay here.


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6 Responses to Green Comet goes to University

  1. Roberto Saravia says:

    Hello Jim,
    Thank you very much for this entry. I enjoyed Green Comet a lot and look forward to reading the edition in Spanish!
    I’m glad that you liked Mónica’s work, too. She’s an excellent student!

  2. Mónica Feng says:

    Hello Mr. Bowering
    Thank you very much for reading and sharing my paper. It is an honor and pleasure as a student to be able to work with the book and to be acknowledged by such an amazing author.
    With sincere thanks,
    Mónica Feng

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