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Windows Ten is an Advertising Platform

I don’t use Windows, so I don’t know if this is true. Has Microsoft actually inserted ads into its operating system? Although I’ve used some of their OSes occasionally, I’ve never had Windows as the working OS on my computer, so while I’ve heard plenty of stories about their questionable practises, I’ve never had any meaningful experience with them. I’ve become accustomed to advertising on the internet, but I don’t understand how people would put up with it on their personal computers. Do they? If so, why? And is there anything they can do about it, without actually changing operating systems?

Some quotes from a betanews article, which has about 500 comments at this point, mostly irate from what I can see.

Don’t believe what Microsoft tells you — Windows 10 is not an operating system. Oh, sure, it has many features that make it look like an operating system, but in reality it is nothing more than a vehicle for advertisements.

But if we’re honest, the company is doing nothing more than abusing its position, using Windows 10 to promote its own tools and services, or those with which it has marketing arrangements. Does Microsoft think we’re stupid?

Many of the various forms of advertising that can be found in Windows 10 can be disabled, but don’t expect this to be easy, particularly if you’re not completely au fait with the world of technology.

So, it looks as if it’s really happening, but I can’t confirm it myself. It looks as if people are putting up with it. It looks as if they could do something about it, although it might be too hard for most people. Please help me, dear readers. Has it really come to this?

via Microsoft is disgustingly sneaky: Windows 10 isn’t an operating system, it’s an advertising platform


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