4 comments on “Windows Ten is an Advertising Platform

  1. Sorry Jim, I missed this one.
    I have Windows10 and I think you know how feable-minded I am when it comes to computers…
    That said, Yes, Microsoft pushes its programs and tools constantly. It doesn’t feel like an ad, more like something one should do to get the most out of the PC. I hate Bing and cannot disable it totally. It shows up when I open certain links. Pdf files open in Microsoft’s tool, Adobe is never fully the default ( although I have many reservations about Adobe, too).
    There are other ‘choices’ I am asked to make repeatedly.
    I asked my IT go-to-guy how to remove Windows 10. Since it’s been installed more than 6 months ago, it’s very difficult to remove completely and a non-techie is apt to get stuck and frustrated over and over, he said. I believed him. I know my limitations.
    There’s my input. I do with it and refuse all offers, knowing full well they will pop up again.

  2. One more thing. A big thing. It seems to interfere with free apps Microsoft doesn’t recommend.
    Bittorrents for instance.
    I go through Amazon to download on my old Kindle to read ebooks. That’s how I finally read Green Comet ( which I enjoyed tremendously) and Parasite Puppeteers which I just started. 🙂

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