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Political Correctness

Wondermark - An Illustrated Jocularity - by David Malki

Wondermark – An Illustrated Jocularity – by David Malki

I have little patience for political correctness. Whether it’s the phrase itself or the people who use it, my patience evaporates immediately. Political correctness was invented for the purpose of mockery. The only people who sincerely use the phrase are the ones who are opposed to it. They seem to think that if they accuse others of political correctness, then they are free to be rude. Like garlic for vampires, they think it will save them from that dreadful condition of having to be considerate. Beyond the merely cynical motive of stifling conversation, some of them actually believe that saying it rehabilitates them. It is a mantra for bigots.

I regret the exhaustion of my patience, because it means that I can’t enjoy the times that the phrase is used ironically, or in satire. The overuse of it by moral shirkers has ruined it for me. Political correctness has been ruined by the very people who invented it.

Go and see the full Wondermark cartoon. It’s good.


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