Political Correctness

Wondermark - An Illustrated Jocularity - by David Malki

Wondermark – An Illustrated Jocularity – by David Malki

I have little patience for political correctness. Whether it’s the phrase itself or the people who use it, my patience evaporates immediately. Political correctness was invented for the purpose of mockery. The only people who sincerely use the phrase are the ones who are opposed to it. They seem to think that if they accuse others of political correctness, then they are free to be rude. Like garlic for vampires, they think it will save them from that dreadful condition of having to be considerate. Beyond the merely cynical motive of stifling conversation, some of them actually believe that saying it rehabilitates them. It is a mantra for bigots.

I regret the exhaustion of my patience, because it means that I can’t enjoy the times that the phrase is used ironically, or in satire. The overuse of it by moral shirkers has ruined it for me. Political correctness has been ruined by the very people who invented it.

Go and see the full Wondermark cartoon. It’s good.


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6 Responses to Political Correctness

  1. Ralph. says:

    Like everything else in this day and age, political correctness is overused to the point of being nauseating. What happened to the tough generations we were raising just a few decades ago? Are we raising a bunch of sissies in this day and age. The world is a tough place and life is hard. Grow a thick skin and get used to it.

    Rudeness has always been a NO-NO, but let’s speak like we used to. You can be decent without mincing words. Political correctness is just another way of being rude without sounding so. Saying someone is vertically challenged is still calling them short. Rude is rude, no matter what words are used.

    Another thing that irks me is people who start off a racist statement by saying….”I am not racist, but……” HAHAHAHA!! You give your true feelings away by having to defend yourself that way. People who are not racist, don’t have the need to prove they aren’t.

    Finally, what the heck is reverse racism? Is that something that a non-white person perpetrates on someone who is white? By claiming “reverse racism” one is claiming that RACISM is something that is solely the forte of all Caucasians? Get real!! Racism is racism. It does not matter who perpetrates it.

    • arjaybe says:

      You’re right Ralph. There’s no such thing as reverse racism. Anyone who sees races is a racist. And twaddle like “vertically challenged” isn’t political correctness. It’s juvenile sarcasm. They actually think they’re being funny. Finally, there’s nothing tough about being a bigot. It’s a lot tougher to challenge the bigots.

      BTW, you missed the point. The only people who think political correctness is a real thing are the fools who invented it to justify their bad behavior.


  2. Laird Smith says:

    I liked the Electronic Frontier Foundation article. Scary stuff when taking on governments with unlimited funding, but necessary on the part of concerned citizens.
    Thanks for bringing these matters to our attention. I’ve posted some info on my Facebook page.

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