I’m reading Redemption Point by Candice Fox. It’s a mystery story set in northern Queensland, Australia. It features tropical heat and a family of geese, as well as an interesting duo of detectives. He’s a man falsely accused of a terrible crime, whose innocence doesn’t protect him from terrible persecution. She’s a murderer whose happiest memories are of prison. Together they solve crimes.

I like Candice Fox’s writing style. Her descriptive passages are full enough to be satisfying without being too long. Her prose sometimes makes me think that she has synesthesia. Her characters are unique and well-drawn. I find myself pulling for them. The situations and their reactions to them feel real. It’s one of those books where I want to pick it up and read as soon as I have a moment.

I should do that now.


Credit Torley – CC-BY-SA

I’ve been a little negligent about updates to the progress on this book. I have finished writing the first draft and am now proofreading and editing it. It has turned out well. I enjoyed writing it and I’m enjoying reading it, even if I am reading it for the umpteenth time and have to remember to watch out for typos and so on. The epub should be ready in a couple of weeks, then it will take more time to get it up on the usual sites. Once the epub is done, I will start on the recording. I’ve got a new setup for that so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out.

There you go. Back at it.