Unglue.it Tops Two Thousand

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At Unglue.it the combined downloads of Green Comet and Parasite Puppeteers have surpassed two thousand. To be exact, today they added up to 2,001. Unglue.it, which I have previously posted about, has been my most reliable outlet. It hasn’t accounted for the most downloads — that would be the Green Comet website itself. It’s not even the most productive external outlet — that would be BitTorrent Bundles. But it is the steadiest and most dependable outside of this website. While BitTorrent Bundles and other places have had big surges early on, they have tailed off to nearly nothing quite quickly. Unglue.it just seems to keep chugging along.

So, that’s another milestone for me and for my books. And it’s another chance for me to shine a light on Unglue.it. It’s also another chance for you to go there and see for yourself. Green Comet and Parasite Puppeteers aren’t the only books there. If you dig around you’ll find plenty of others that are at least as good. I’ve even reviewed a few of them here. You should go over there and download some of them. If you like them you can go back and tell the authors. You can even give them a bit of money to reward their generosity, if you feel like it. That’s the beauty of Unglue.it. They’re freeing books, and giving us a chance to thank the authors at the same time.

A pretty good example of how to share.


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Twenty-Five Thousand Downloads

Photo credit - Winston Wong

Photo credit – Winston Wong

We have reached the 25,000 download mark. I think that’s a nice round number with a definite flavor of seriousness. Thank you everyone who has downloaded Green Comet and its extensions, and a special thanks to everyone who has recommended the novel to a new reader.

The trilogy is very near completion. I’m working on the ending of the first draft of the third novel, which should be done within the next few weeks. This level of interest is just the kind of encouragement I need.

Thanks again, everyone.


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