Young Climate Activists Facing Hate

Greta Thunberg: Why are young climate activists facing so much hate?

Greta Thunberg has been viciously attacked, as noted in this post, but she’s not the only one. Those putative grown-ups who don’t like to be told that they might be responsible and might have to change their behavior are attacking all the children who dare to point those things out. The nastiness is toxic. Here are some examples:

Ms Thunberg is not the only eco-activist under fire, though. Four young climate campaigners told the BBC of the abuse they have been subjected to. One was compared to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels while another said she had been racially abused.

Joshua Nevett of BBC News asks:

These environmentalists have asked difficult questions of politicians, and been ruthlessly derided for doing so. With hostility heightening, why are young climate activists facing so much hate?

Looking at what the children are saying and what their adult attackers are saying, I think it’s clear who are acting like children and who are acting like adults. Go read the BBC article for the whole story.

Why are young climate activists facing so much hate? – BBC News


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