3 comments on “Seasons #1

  1. I enjoyed the “as you like to say” site. Beautiful thoughts/beautiful images.

    Although it is the first of September, it is difficult to start thinking about the end of summer/beginning of fall. My poem has two verses. The first to be read now and the second after several months.

    Fall comes late where I come from
    Lush green is seen for months
    While you post every autumn shade
    I sit here twiddling my thumb

    Now my yard has brilliant leaves
    Orange red with golden hues
    I watch them to the ground cascade
    While you sit up North and freeze

    • Thanks, meme. I remember something similar when I posted about the Artists of Autumn too soon. Actually, all the leaves are still green here, and it’s forecast to reach 30 degrees today. That’s over 85 in the legacy system. I just set up my seasons posts to publish on the first of their months. The next one will appear on December 1st. Will your second poem be applicable then?

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