10 comments on “Farming Snails

  1. For about a week, when we had so much rain, I stepped on snails by accident. I started watching my steps and moved the snails off the walk way and next to my chair (outdoors, duh). Have they learned? I don’t know, but they skirt my path, therefore they are a non-issue now;-)
    Great post! I’d like to have one of those sponges on my bedside table… better than a lava lamp and waayyy cool.( Before you ask, no I don’t have a lava lamp. I don’t know why I brought it up.)
    I think it’s a purple ribbon moment. ;-/

    • When glass sponges die they leave behind the glass, so you should be able to find one somewhere. And what’s wrong with lava lamps? I can stare at them for hours.-)


  2. Well, that’s the problem, stare at the sicko green (or whatever) blob change shape for hours instead of … I don’t know, slay dragons or shop for a magic carpet on ebay. 😉

  3. Yup. Although if the lava lamp gets you into a meditative state or dreamland, then pfftt! it’s better than slaying dragons. At least there is no sweating or swearing involved, right?

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