4 comments on “Who Needs Science, Anyway?

  1. Uuuggghhh! I have neither the brain power now nor the courage to go through the links you provided, but I recognize stoopid when I see it.
    In Florida, we have a governor who thinks he can do anything he wants to pretty much… Oh wait! duh! He can do whatever he likes!

  2. Canadians are a very guarded lot. Years ago, when one of my sisters was a prof at a university in Manitoba, she found the same project guardedness throughout the educational facility. She moved to the USA where university projects are much more open.
    The Canadian Government is now making our professional secrecy official.

  3. It’s true that this is a very secretive government, but it’s worse than that. They’re telling scientists how to do their jobs in service of the government’s agenda. What’s next? Telling artists to do art that’s good for business? Bah!


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