How to Attribute Creative Commons Photos

Foter has posted an infographic on their blog that explains how to attribute CC photos on your own blog. They also provide access to hundreds of millions of Free Stock Photos that you can download and use, complete with a simple way to apply the attribution to the creators of them. This infographic has a CC-BY-SA license, the same as Green Comet.

Photo credit - - CC-BY-SA Click for larger image

Photo credit – – CC-BY-SA
Click for larger image

Foter has a WordPress plugin that they say simplifies using and attributing photos, but I haven’t tried it and can’t comment on it.


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5 Responses to How to Attribute Creative Commons Photos

  1. emmylgant says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing this info. I have to tell you that my eyes glaze over at the sight of the cornucopia of tech information contained in the poster graphics.
    Thanks again.

    • arjaybe says:

      Yes, there’s a lot there, isn’t there?-) Not something to memorize, but you could refer to it when necessary.

      What did you think of the Free Stock Photos?


  2. Laird Smith says:

    Mind numbing information. I’ll store it for future use. Thanks for your consideration.

  3. arjaybe says:

    Good idea. It could come in handy when you have your website.


  4. emmylgant says:

    Stock Photos is amazing! Totally blew me away. Thanks Jim.

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