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Credit – Sima Shimony – CC-BY-SA

We had a glitch here at Green Comet. I couldn’t get into the site, getting an error message instead. It told me that there was something wrong with the database and I needed to fix it. Fortunately, I back up the database every week. I always knew that if I had a database failure, then I’d probably lose some material. I did. We lost two posts and some comments, along with some images. I’ve been thinking about whether I should try to replace the posts, one called Unimpressed Cat, which announced the results of the Great Cat Pictures Experiment. Short story: posting pictures of cats did not increase reader participation on this site. The other post was announcing the addition of the short story Dice to the collection of readings on the Audio page.

Decision made. This recap is good enough. The only thing we’ve really lost is the comments. That may be the worst part, but we’ll just have to accept it and carry on.