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International Day Against DRM - Defective by Design CC-BY

International Day Against DRM – Defective by Design CC-BY

Led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Defective by Design, we’re celebrating today the ninth annual Day Against DRM.  It’s meant to raise awareness of the harm done by the application of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) to our media.  Videos that will play only under specific circumstances.  Music that you can listen to only on authorized devices.  Books that you can read only after jumping through the right hoops.

As noted at the bottom of the Green Comet website, there is no DRM on anything you find here.  You can read the books any time, anywhere.  You can listen to me read the stories on any device that plays open audio.  Unlike those who encumber their offerings with arbitrary restrictions, I want people to read and hear my stories.

Read the article and follow the links.  Find out why there is a day against DRM.

 DRM affects almost everyone on a daily basis, but in the blind community it is a problem of epic proportions. Usually when people want something to read, they go to a library, pick up a book, and check it out. Blind people in the US can use the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in almost the same way—except for one major difference: coming from the NLSBPH, books are usually audiobooks, stored in a specialized format encumbered with DRM.

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