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  1. I liked that. There are great megaliths in Karnac, Britanny. I wonder if any of the structures mark solctices.
    There remaims, after eons of time it seems, a strong desire to mark this day, to pay attention, in spite of all myth busters… I do. I don’t sing a dirge but I watch the king go down and remember that I am but a light mote on a sunbeam.

  2. I didn’t know that. Since your comment is poetical, I assumed that your “light mote” was a small version of the sunbeam. Of a kind and part of it, so to speak. But I like dust motes too.-)


  3. There is a structure in southern Alberta which is at the same latitude as Stone Henge. A neighbor, who is a former University Of Alberta professor, goes to that site twice a year to observe the solstice.
    The site is 5000 years old and was built by the First Nations peoples.

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