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There won’t be an Okanagan Reader post this week because I have to start recording my novel Vin Stone – Night Soil. How about if, instead of posting a regular reading, I post the first chapter of this novel? That sounds like a great idea. Now, how do I do that again?

Oh, right. That was easy.


Credit Henri Julien – public domain

We are no longer camping in our new home. All of our stuff is out of the trailer and in the house, most of it in boxes in the living room. I don’t understand it. We got rid of a lot of stuff before the move, but we still seem to have a lot of stuff. It feels like all the available space is already taken, but still there is stuff that we haven’t unpacked. We have just resolved to keep pecking away at it until it’s done. Once everything is unpacked and out in the open, we’ll know what to do with it, right? Right?

At least I have my desk set up and I have a place to work.


Credit Henri – Julien public domain

It’s almost beginning to feel like home. We’ve been camping in the place for a week or so and it’s a relief to have a comfortable chair for a change. I’ve been sleeping on the floor, but today I got the bed frame assembled and ready for the mattress. Now we just need someone to carry it in so we can sleep in our own bed for the first time in months. Uncomfortable as it may be though, it’s still better than a motel.

Soon we will have the rest of our belongings out of the trailer and in our home, including my manuscripts which are buried at the very front of the trailer. Then we’ll be taking our time finding a place for everything. Then the carport. And the landscaping. We look forward to months and years of settling in.

I’m looking forward to getting back to work. Although I have managed to continue producing chapters for my novel, it hasn’t been at the rate I would like. That will change and soon the story will be complete and ready for proofing and editing. Something that has been completely stalled is the recording of the stories for the website. I left off after part three of four a few months ago and haven’t been able to do any recording since. Part four will be available soon.

Ever optimistic.


Credit Henri – Julien public domain

We just got word that our place is ready for us. Installed, drywalled, painted and cleaned. Water, sewer, hydro and gas all hooked up and functioning. Yesterday the cable guy came and installed internet and phone for us. Today (we’re hoping) the trailer containing out goods will be brought to the site and we can start filling the place up. This is the trailer that was threatened by fire, but escaped. (MY MANUSCRIPTS. Okay, calm down. They’re okay.)

Just a couple more days in this motel. Soon I’ll have a comfortable chair, a decent desk and fast internet. I’m practically quivering with anticipation.


Credit Charles Jaque CC0

If I could make a video I would do this: Begin with a person on their knees praying. Lighting chiaroscuro. Their voice can be heard but the words can’t be made out. The POV backs up to reveal another praying person, then more and more until it’s an indistinguishable mass of praying people. The sound of their prayers has increased to a roar.

Pov continues to back up until it backs right out of the earpiece of a set of headphones being worn by a man with long white hair and beard. He snatches off the headphones and drops them on his desk, saying, “Jesus Christ.” A long-haired and bearded young man in a robe is just walking past the doorway and he stops and says, “Yes, Father?”

If I could make a video that’s what I’d make, but I can’t.