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The audiobook of Vin Stone – Not a Detective is now available in stores.

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StreetLib – site in Italian
il Narratore

That completes the production and distribution of this novel. Now I’ll take a few weeks rest before beginning writing the next one.


Credit Joe Mabel – CC-BY-SA

The recording of Vin Stone — Not a Detective is about halfway to completion. I’m using a new recording system, so it’s been an interesting time of learning as well as production. It sounds different from my previous readings, which shouldn’t be surprising, I guess. It’s different equipment and a different setup. As I get used to it, though, I have to be careful that the chapters don’t sound different from each other. I’m no longer recording in a closet, with all those clothes to damp down the echoes, so I have to find other ways to accomplish that.

Yes, those are egg cartons.-)


Okanagan Reader will be in hiatus for a while. I’m recording my novel, Vin Stone — Not a Detective now, so I probably won’t get around to recording short stories for a few weeks. If you’ve got used to getting a new one every week, I apologize for your disappointment. They will be back soon.


Credit Torley – CC-BY-SA

I’ve been a little negligent about updates to the progress on this book. I have finished writing the first draft and am now proofreading and editing it. It has turned out well. I enjoyed writing it and I’m enjoying reading it, even if I am reading it for the umpteenth time and have to remember to watch out for typos and so on. The epub should be ready in a couple of weeks, then it will take more time to get it up on the usual sites. Once the epub is done, I will start on the recording. I’ve got a new setup for that so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out.

There you go. Back at it.