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Plainsrunner Recording Complete

Cover photo Angela de Paula CC-BY-SA

The recording of The Plainsrunner is finished.  It comes to a total of about ten hours of listening.  Now I need to polish it up, which includes running it through a normalizer to to ensure continuity across all files, and adjusting the gain so the audio is at an acceptable volume.  Then comes the conversion to formats suitable for normal audio players, MP3 and OGG.  Not long after that I’ll be releasing it into the world.


The Plainsrunner Chapters Have Been Removed

Cover photo Angela de Paula CC-BY-SA

The OliverOnline Book Club serialization of The Plainsrunner is now officially and irrevocably over. The files containing the chapters have been removed from this site, and the links to them on the OliverOnline site are now dead. Thank you to all who participated and I hope you were able to complete your set of chapters before they were destroyed.

Shameless plug: You can still get the complete set bound in a beautiful book, available for a reasonable price at Kobo Books along with all the other book stores listed in this post.


Recording The Plainsrunner

Photo CC0 on Foter.com

Jan Mehlich – CC-BY-SA

I’ve been recording The Plainsrunner for a couple of weeks, and it’s going well. There should be about two more weeks of it, then it will be on to polishing it up for presentation. I’m finding these sessions a little easier than the recordings I made of the Green Comet trilogy, which you can find on the Downloads page. I think that mostly comes down to shorter chapters, which are easier to do, and a shorter story overall, which is less daunting.

I always seem to enjoy this part, while also not looking forward to it. People say they like the audiobooks, though, so it’s worth continuing.


The End of The Plainsrunner Serialization

Cover photo Angela de Paula CC-BY-SA

With the end of the serialization of The Plainsrunner on OliverOnline, it will soon be time to take down the chapter files from the Green Comet website. At that time it will no longer be possible to download them, so if you are missing any now is the time to get them.

I have decided to leave them in place until the end of November to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to get them all, but as of December 1st they will be gone forever. Thanks again for taking part, and if you know anyone who needs to complete their collection of chapters please let them know of this deadline.

It’s been a fun experiment.


Thirty Thousand Downloads

Photo credit – Winston Wong

While we were doing something else — serializing and publishing The Plainsrunner — our download count slipped past Thirty Thousand by a comfortable margin. Interest in the Green Comet trilogy continues even when we’re not paying any attention. Way to go, people. We’re doing fine.

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