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Thirty Thousand Downloads

Photo credit – Winston Wong

While we were doing something else — serializing and publishing The Plainsrunner — our download count slipped past Thirty Thousand by a comfortable margin. Interest in the Green Comet trilogy continues even when we’re not paying any attention. Way to go, people. We’re doing fine.

Internet Archive Passes One Thousand Downloads

(Note the image of Sita in the above picture, from Sita Sings the Blues. Sita was a great inspiration to me, as I’ve reported before.)

When I checked the status of the Green Comet trilogy on the Internet Archive today, I discovered that the three books have a total of just over one thousand downloads. The Internet Archive is where I keep the recordings of the stories, because I don’t have enough room for them on my own website. If I kept them on greencomet.org, then I would have to pay for a more expensive hosting package, because I would exceed the amount of storage I get with my current one. Call me cheap, but I don’t think I should pay a premium to give my books away. It’s a good thing that the Internet Archive is there so I don’t have to.

Here are the links to the three books:

Green Comet
Parasite Puppeteers
The Francesians

In addition to providing a repository for people like me, and things like the Green Comet trilogy, the Internet Archive also hosts things nominated and uploaded by people other than the creators. They provide a storage place for large quantities of material that otherwise wouldn’t have a home on the internet, and might end up getting lost to obscurity. Then there’s the Wayback Machine, which takes snapshots of websites periodically to provide a semi-continuous record of the evolution of the internet.

Here’s the Wayback Machine’s record of greencomet.org:

Green Comet on the Wayback Machine.

The Green Comet website has been saved 58 times during its lifetime. In total, the Internet Archive has saved more than 333 billion web pages. That’s not everything. There are inevitably some changes on the internet that won’t be captured by the Internet Archive. Our record will be incomplete. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing will be a matter for personal opinion, but it’s definitely a good thing that at least a partial record is being captured. So, here’s to the Internet Archive, and here’s to the Green Comet trilogy which has been downloaded over a thousand times from it.

We’re still going.


Balloon Launch System

Mimifromgalaxy – CC-BY-SA

I’m linking to this story about high altitude balloons because it has a small reference to the balloon-based rocket launch system that I wrote about in the Green Comet Trilogy. It’s nice to know that my idea wasn’t impractical.

[Zhou Fei, head of KC Space’s R&D team] says that Traveller could also be a ‘secondary launch’ platform. This would mean lifting a rocket above most of the Earth’s atmosphere, from where it could fire a small rocket into orbit far more easily than from sea level. This would be useful for the growing market for tiny CubeSats.

“One of the holy grails around the world is whether you can lower the cost of launching a small CubeSat into orbit,” says Jeffrey Manber, whose company Nanoracks is working with KC on the Traveller programme.

Visit the BBC site for the full story.

via BBC – Future – The new lighter-than-air race for space


Dunyazad Digital Library

Robert Schaechter, the creator and curator of the Dunyazad Digital Library, has added the Green Comet trilogy to his stacks. Robert has created an omnibus containing all three novels in one PDF file. This isn’t just any ordinary PDF file, though. Robert is meticulous. All of the books in his collection have been polished to perfection, and Green Comet is no exception. Working together, we eliminated about two dozen errors that I had missed during my previous proofing. He also expanded the front matter and improved the formatting. The Dunyazad Library doesn’t have a lot of books, but the ones there have benefited from Robert’s attentions.

Here is a link to my author page at the library. I encourage you to go there and download Robert’s PDF of the Green Comet trilogy, to encourage him and reward him for his dedicated work. While there, you can browse the rest of the library, too. You never know. One of those polished jewels just might catch your eye.

The Green Comet universe keeps expanding, but I have another novel I’m working on. I hope to have it ready for publication this year, hopefully well before year end. So, you go to the Dunyazad Digital Library, and I’ll get back to The Plainsrunner.


Back to Writing at Last

Peter Claesz – Public Domain – Metropolitan Museum – tap for large original

I’ve finally begun writing the next book. Working title: The Plainsrunner. I’ve finished the first chapter and chapter two is underway today. It feels good to be back writing after a couple of months of taking care of other chores. I had to publish The Francesians and record the audiobook. Then I had to take some time off. Meanwhile, the story was steeping in my brain and that seems to have made it practically ready-to-write.

I don’t know what picture to put with this post. I don’t have a cover, or even much in the way of cover ideas, so I can’t use that. I can’t think of anything in the story that could be represented by photos or other pictures available to me. I can’t just take the cover image I’ve been using for the Green Comet trilogy and give it a different color, as I did for those three books. The trilogy is over and this is a different story. Maybe I’ll just throw something up there and think about engaging an artist to create a cover for this book.

So, what to throw up there …

Anyway, I’ve decided to try to write a shorter book this time. The last three were all well over 100,000 words — Green Comet was 134,000 — and I’d like to offer readers something a little less daunting in this one. I’ve set myself a tentative limit of 80,000 words. Still fairly substantial, but a lot smaller than I’m used to. We’ll see how I do within these new constraints. I’ve also set myself a new daily goal for words written. The last one was a little higher than the previous two, and this one is higher again. We’ll see how it affects the quality of my output. I’m accustomed to doing a lot of editing before I do any writing, so with more writing each day I might end up having to do more editing afterwards. If it works out, I might be able to raise it again for the next book.

The Sun is shining here today after a long spell of wet, cloudy weather. I put out the birdfeeder yesterday and the chikadees are enjoying it today. And my fountain pens are smiling at me again, after being lonely for so long.


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