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You might be wondering why Green Comet is reported as an insecure website even though it has gone SSL and has that reassuring “https” up there in the address. (Note the yellow triangle superimposed over the image of the lock.) There is no conflict in those two facts. Green Comet is secure and if you were to use a password to log in it would be encrypted. Your precious data would be hidden from that sneaky man-in-the-middle who apparently goes skulking about the internet stealing that information.

While the Green Comet website is secure, though, some of the links on it might not be. If an image links to an original on an unsecured website, for example. Or if any of the links on the page start with “http” instead of “https.”

Here’s what it looks like when there are no insecure links on the webpage. (Note: these pictures are taken using the Firefox web browser. Other browsers have other ways of indicating whether or not a web page is secure.)

So, do not fear. Your secrets are safe on Green Comet.


credit Alvesgaspar – CC-BY-SA

We’re joining the big leagues. No longer will the big guys look down their noses at our unsecured website. Now you’ll see that reassuring lock up there by the location bar along with that fully modern “https.” Don’t you feel safe now?

I was just waiting until it was free and easy to do. Let’s Encrypt went a long way toward that by creating a “free, automated, and open certificate authority.” Now you can get a certificate for your website without paying a for-profit certificate authority. That makes it easy for your web host to provide encryption for your site without having to charge you for it. Then it was a simple matter of calling up my host and asking them to install Let’s Encrypt on my site.

Well, not quite. The server I was on wouldn’t support it so they had to move Green Comet to another server. That meant it had a new address and the internet name servers had to propagate it, so we were in limbo for a while. You might have noticed we were hard to reach, but now we’re in business.

Almost. Now all the calls for have to be changed to My head reeled! But this is computers and what are computers for if not to automate things? I found out I could edit a file on the site called htaccess that gives visiting computers special instructions when they arrive. Now if someone comes in looking for the old URL, it’s automatically changed to the new one. So now we’re good. I think.

Free but not so easy.