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The audiobook of Vin Stone – Not a Detective is now available in stores.

Google Play
StreetLib – site in Italian
il Narratore

That completes the production and distribution of this novel. Now I’ll take a few weeks rest before beginning writing the next one.


Credit Torley – CC-BY-SA

Both the ebook and the audiobook of Vin Stone – Not a Detective are now safely in the hands of my distributor. It was a bit of a challenge, of course. It always is. Last year it was a hassle getting the audiobook accepted. They have rules, you know. Peak volume. Average volume. Bit rate. File numbering. It goes on. They’re even picky about spaces in the file name.

I was very careful this year and every file was exactly the way they want it. So far so good, they haven’t rejected it yet. I can’t say the same for the ebook, though. Suddenly this year, what I’ve been doing for years is no longer good enough. Their epub checker choked on the file with a long list of errors. After hacking and re-converting (three different ways) and trolling the internet and generally blundering about, I finally managed to submit a file that passed the checkers. The ones on the internet, anyway. I won’t be completely sure until the distributor’s checker deigns to comment.

The problem? I had a few things in the text file marked as title and subtitle. Apparently that’s a problem. I changed them to headings and all seems to be well.

Cross your fingers for me.


Credit Joe Mabel – CC-BY-SA

I was down to the last chapter to record in this audiobook when I came down with a cold. Slept all day instead of recording, then woke up at 3:30AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. Alright then, let’s get to work. Only my voice was gone, so another day wasted.

Was finally able to talk well enough to get it done today, so that’s in the can. Now for the rest of it. Converting to proper audio format, packaging and uploading to the distributor.

Note to self: don’t get too attached to your plans.-)


I’m reading Redemption Point by Candice Fox. It’s a mystery story set in northern Queensland, Australia. It features tropical heat and a family of geese, as well as an interesting duo of detectives. He’s a man falsely accused of a terrible crime, whose innocence doesn’t protect him from terrible persecution. She’s a murderer whose happiest memories are of prison. Together they solve crimes.

I like Candice Fox’s writing style. Her descriptive passages are full enough to be satisfying without being too long. Her prose sometimes makes me think that she has synesthesia. Her characters are unique and well-drawn. I find myself pulling for them. The situations and their reactions to them feel real. It’s one of those books where I want to pick it up and read as soon as I have a moment.

I should do that now.