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I’ve completed the first pass at this novel. Now I’ll spend the rest of the month proofreading and editing it. It came in very close to the size I was aiming for and I found that to be a comfortable word count. Once I’ve got it polished, then I’ll create the ePub and make the recording. We reached this stage later than I hoped we might. I was hoping for a longer time to do the polishing and publishing, leaving me a nice rest period before starting the next one. Life happened, though, and here we are, doing it at full speed instead of at the nice relaxed pace I was looking forward to.

Mustn’t complain. Coulda been worse, right?


Credit Torley – CC-BY-SA

We’re at the three-quarter intermission in the writing of The Road for a Coward, and I’m beginning to think that the working title won’t be the final title this time. With all the previous books I ended up using the working title when I published them. This time, though, the book isn’t turning out to be enough like the title to justify keeping it. That’s what a working title is for, though, right? Just something to get you through the writing of the book, then you’re supposed to pick something that reflects the actual story.

I’m still enjoying writing it. There have been some bits of life intervening and causing delays and slow-downs, but when I can get to it, I’m liking it. My characters are really beginning to show their true natures, and the relationships between them are developing. The elements that I’ve introduced so far are showing me how they’re going to affect the story as we approach the end. I always wonder before starting a new book whether I will be able to find enough words to get us through it. But, they are always there. I’m glad because I really enjoy seeing how the story comes out.

So there’s the three-quarter report on my novel, The Road for a Coward (for the time being.) I estimate another two months of writing, then it’s on to all the mechanical stuff. Proofing, editing, formatting and recording. I’d better get at it.


The audiobook version of the novel Green Comet is now available in an improved and remastered form. It is also available as a direct download from this site rather than by a link to the Internet Archive. The original version was not bad and it received many compliments from listeners who found my voice both professional and pleasant to listen to. This remaster benefits from a more strict adherence to the audio standards generally accepted in the audiobook industry. It has also been cleaned up and freed from some lingering glitches. The result is something that I’m proud to present to the world.

Please visit the Books for Free page and download the Green Comet AUDIOBOOK in both MP3 and OGG Vorbis formats. They come with the individual chapters bound in ZIP archives.

I will be remastering the other two books in the Green Comet trilogy as I find the time. Look for improved audiobooks of Parasite Puppeteers and The Francesians in the coming months.


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Looking at this website, I can see that it has been a long time since I posted here. No posts yet in February. I could say that I have been busy writing the beginning of The Road for a Coward, the working title for novel number seven. That gives me pause. Seven novels. When I began this with Green Comet, I had no idea that I would write this many novels. When I was writing Green Comet, all I wanted to do was write that one book. Then I had some ideas for extensions to it, which turned into another book. Then a third one filled out the Green Comet trilogy, all of which is free to download here and other places. The audiobook for that trilogy is also free to download. I encourage you to do so. The more the better.

I could say I was too busy to write any posts for this blog, and it would be somewhat true. I have been busy. But that’s not the only reason. The main reason is that I haven’t been inspired to write posts for the blog. I just haven’t been inspired.

Now, though, I finally have a reason. I have made a sensible start on The Road. Enough that it’s time to take a week off from writing and do some proofreading and editing. That’s the way I seem to have settled on doing it. I break the book up into smaller pieces and do the reviewing and polishing as I go. I find it works for me and I expect to continue doing it this way until something better presents itself.

Will The Road turn into another trilogy? I have no way of knowing until and unless the idea for another book comes to me. That usually happens about halfway through the current book. If it does come to me, then there will be at least one more book with these characters, and possibly two. So it’s possible that this will be another trilogy, or it might be a single book, or two, or even more than three. All I know so far is that this one is working and should successfully result in a novel.

While we’re waiting to find out, you can download and enjoy the Green Comet trilogy. Just go to the Books for Free page and have at it. If you are inspired to do so, you can also go to the Books for Sale page where you will find links to the ebooks and audiobooks in The Plainsrunner trilogy. I encourage you to do so. The more the better.-)

Right, then. Back to work.


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I always forget about this stuff when I’m writing the novel. It’s only when I get to the point where it’s ready to convert that I remember that I have to put this stuff in. That would be things like the copyright notice and the acknowledgements in the front of the book, and the more personal stuff at the back. Then there’s the blurb. So I’ll get this done, then I can finish up, right? Oh, yeah, wait. The cover. I have to create the cover, then it’ll be ready. And the ISBN. Mustn’t forget the ISBN. Nobody will take a book seriously if it doesn’t have one of those.

Okay. I’ll be right back. Just need to do a few things …