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Credit Torley – CC-BY-SA

We’re at the halftime intermission in the writing of The Road for a Coward. Time to assess progress and make plans for the second half. It’s what people do, right? Like the talking heads during the intermission at a game.

I’m enjoying writing this book, as usual. I always wonder before starting whether it will be harder this time. Is there still water in the well? Will the words be there? But, whenever I sit down in the morning and pick up a pen, the words come. It seems like all I need to do is come up with a good opening sentence, and the rest will come. Then it’s the fun of seeing where the characters want to take me. I tell them where we have to go, and then follow them around as they take us there. Sometimes they get excited and try to run away with the story. Then I have to be firm with them. That’s what I enjoy about writing. Thinking every day about the growing story. Seeing it develop as I write it, seeing what happens next. Learning more about my characters as I get to know them better. Showing them where we’re going, and following along as they take us there. And sometimes reining them in as they head off in directions of their own. I’m liking these characters as I get to know them. I won’t mind spending more time with them.

So there’s the halftime report on my novel, The Road for a Coward. So far, so good. Now it’s another three or four months of writing, then there’s the proofing, preparing it for publication and recording it. Back to work. Pen up, head down and get those words on paper.


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