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To recap: We’re still waiting for our new home to be ready for us to move in. As far as I know, my manuscripts are still safe near the edge of that wildfire.

Now another fire has popped up to the west of us, sending a thick plume of smoke overhead. Ashes are falling out of that plume, sitting on things like dirty snow. Some people were trapped by that fire, but they’ve been rescued. Worse than that fire, another one has ignited to the north of us, and is threatening a populous community up there. My niece — the one I have been spending time with during this homeless phase — is just a couple of city blocks from the area under evacuation alert. That is an extremely active fire and the wind is forecast to be strong this afternoon, so her alert could become an order any minute.

This has been a summer of homogenitus clouds, particularly flammagenitus.

The upshot of all this for me is that I will be living in this motel for the foreseeable, since it would be unwise to go somewhere that could come under an evacuation order at any moment. My greatest regret is that I don’t have any accommodation to offer to my niece should she need it.

What a summer.


Credit Marjaree Mason Center – CC-BY-SA

Here is the list of the ten posts on Green Comet that got the most visits in 2018.

1. Spanking for Love

Once again Green Comet seems to be a gateway for people who want to learn about spanking their women. Humans are funny little things, aren’t they?

2. Bipedal – The Savanna Theory

Judging from the pattern of hits, I’m guessing that a lot of children find this post after getting a school assignment.

3. Home Page
This makes sense, since it’s the landing page for the site.

4. Ants in the Devil’s Garden

It’s a fascinating story, so I’m not surprised at the interest in it. It’s interesting to speculate about the search parameters that led here. There are some good comments, too.

5. Most Unpleasant Sounds

Once again, how do people end up here? What is the interest in unpleasant sounds?


This is gratifying. Since the purpose of the Green Comet website is to provide a home on the internet for the Green Comet trilogy, I am pleased that so many people go to the downloads page. In fact, you should do that as soon as you finish reading this post. Download everything. It’s free.

7. Bipedal – The Aquatic Ape Theory

This one is probably linked to #2. They are closely related ideas.

Credit Craig Sunter – CC-BY

8. Cirrus Homogenitus

Everyone loves clouds, and this one is probably particularly interesting because it’s one of the rare new ones designated by the World Meteorological Organization in their International Cloud Atlas.

Photo credit – Ross Cooper

9. Altocumulus Lenticularis

More clouds, and these ones are popular for their striking appearance and their counter-intuitive behavior.

10. Altocumulus Castellanus

More clouds, and again very distinctive in their appearance.

So, that was 2018. I think I’m safe in predicting that the list for 2019 will be similar.