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Credit Jalopnik

Someone agrees with me. As I said in my original article about truck grills, pickup trucks are getting way too big, especially the front ends. It’s not as if the grills need to be that big to contain what’s behind them. A lot of it is just air. They’re only that big to gratify something in the potential buyer. Some need to be sitting in a big vehicle.

The Jalopnik article focuses not on the buyer, but on the designers. It professes to be concerned for their mental health. Go and see for yourself.

Are the grills on pickups big enough for you yet? Truck sellers have always tried to have impressive front ends on them to give them some credibility. You can see that in these photographs of older trucks.

Good looking trucks, right? But lately it seems to have got out of hand, as if the size of the grill has become the point rather than just part of the marketing. What need is being served by these urban tanks? They used to jack trucks up to get the grills this high, but now they don’t have to any more. They come that way, complete with a built-in ladder to get into the thing.

Where can they go from here?