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The ebook of Vin Stone – Night Soil is currently available on special offer at Kobo books. This is a limited time offer.

Many thanks to my loyal followers and those who took advantage of the advance readers copies.

The recording is going well and the audiobook will be available early in the new year.

Book four in the Vin Stone series is already rustling around in the back of my mind.

Thank you for your time.


The ebook of Vin Stone – Night Soil has been published. So far it is available at Kobo. You really should go and have a look, and then, at such a low price as that, buy it. Then, of course, you will want to write a review of it, telling everyone what a great story it is and how masterfully told. If you are one of the people who received an advance readers copy (ARC) then you can go directly to the review stage without even having to buy the book, although, given that I wrote the first draft with a fountain pen, that is an almost embarrassingly low price.

In this book, Vin Stone engages in some uncharacteristic derring-do, so you should really check it out.


Credit Torley – CC-BY-SA

Both the ebook and the audiobook of Vin Stone – Not a Detective are now safely in the hands of my distributor. It was a bit of a challenge, of course. It always is. Last year it was a hassle getting the audiobook accepted. They have rules, you know. Peak volume. Average volume. Bit rate. File numbering. It goes on. They’re even picky about spaces in the file name.

I was very careful this year and every file was exactly the way they want it. So far so good, they haven’t rejected it yet. I can’t say the same for the ebook, though. Suddenly this year, what I’ve been doing for years is no longer good enough. Their epub checker choked on the file with a long list of errors. After hacking and re-converting (three different ways) and trolling the internet and generally blundering about, I finally managed to submit a file that passed the checkers. The ones on the internet, anyway. I won’t be completely sure until the distributor’s checker deigns to comment.

The problem? I had a few things in the text file marked as title and subtitle. Apparently that’s a problem. I changed them to headings and all seems to be well.

Cross your fingers for me.


I’ve just done my last pass of the proofreading and editing of The Prime. The corrections were getting pretty trivial, so I decided it was time to move on. Now I’m going to try something new with this book. With my previous books I went on from final proofing to formatting the final presentation version of the ebook. Only after that did I record it for the audiobook. My reasoning was that it was a lot easier to make corrections to text than to audio, so don’t do the recording until you have the final text version complete. That is changing this time. I’m going to use the reading and recording as the final proofing. Reading it out loud can sometimes expose errors or awkwardness, so it will give me one last chance to improve it before releasing it into the wild. On the downside, it means a longer wait for publication. On the upside, it means a shorter wait for the audiobook after publication.

There’s something else I have to sort out. The Prime has been my working title, and I’ve begun to think of it as the real title, but I’m not sure about that. I’ve been trying to think of something to replace it with, but nothing is coming to me yet.

No problem, right? Lotsa time.