Seder-Masochism — Nina Paley

Credit Nina Paley – CC0

Nina Paley, creator of Sita Sings the Blues, has another animated movie out called Seder-Masochism. It’s about Exodus and turning away from the Earth Mother Goddess and toward patriarchy.

Credit Nina Paley – CC0

You can learn more about the film on Wikipedia.

Credit Nina Paley – CC0

You can also learn more about Nina Paley on Wikipedia.

Credit Nina Paley – CC0

You can see what Nina is up to now on her blog.

Credit Nina Paley – CC0

Supposedly I can embed the video here on Green Comet. Let’s see how that works.

Looks like it works. How about that? Now go and download it. And download Sita too. Then spend several of the most enjoyable hours you are ever likely to experience.


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