Still Moving

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The house sold and changed hands with minimal fuss, other than having to live in a show home all that time. We got our stuff moved out but now we’re stuck without a place to move into. Our manufactured home was supposed to be installed by now — or, at least, we were hoping that it would be — but the lot sits empty. What with moving the house and installing it and getting the inspector in, we could be stuck in this limbo for six weeks.

Well, at least it’s not winter. The trouble is, it’s summer so the hotels are expensive and people in this area tend to have visitors so the surfing couches are in short supply. So we get to look forward to six weeks of alternating between expensive hotels and overwhelmed hosts. Yuck. With all the expense and hassle the worst of it might be not being able to get at my writing and recording as easily as I’m used to. Currently I’m lucky. I’m set up at one end of my niece’s dining room table so I’ve kind of got an office. Unfortunately, even though she is generous and welcoming, I can’t stay here for that long, so I’m going to have to swap off with the hotel.

At least we have a home at the end of this. No matter how much of a hassle this is, we are a lot better off than we could be. There. The optimism at the end of all the whingeing.


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Jim has fought forest fires and controlled traffic in the air and on the sea. Now he writes stories.
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