Night Soil — First Intermission

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I like this part. It’s when I get to see what the story looks like from the “outside.” I’m a quarter of the way through this novel, tentatively titled Vin Stone — Night Soil, and it looks like so far, so good. There’s always the question, “Is it going to be a story rather than just a bunch of words?” At the one quarter mark the answer is yes.

The plot is sticking together and the characters are acting like themselves. There will be enough story to make a novel. I have made a sensible start on Night Soil. Enough that it’s time to take a week off from writing and do some proofreading and editing. That’s the way I seem to have settled on doing it. I break the book up into smaller pieces and do the reviewing and polishing as I go. I find it works for me and I expect to continue doing it this way until something better presents itself. Just as importantly, it gives me a chance to see if it’s going to be easy to record when it comes time to make the audiobook.

This being the third book in the Vin Stone series, the question arises whether it will be another trilogy, or if it will continue. I have no way of knowing until and unless the idea for another book comes to me. That usually happens about halfway through the current book. If it does come to me, then there will be at least one more book with these characters.

While we’re waiting to find out, you can download and enjoy the Green Comet trilogy. Just go to the Books for Free page and have at it. If you are inspired to do so, you can also go to the Books for Sale page where you will find links to the ebooks and audiobooks in The Plainsrunner trilogy and the beginning of the Vin Stone series. I encourage you to do so. The more the better.-)

Right, then. Back to work.


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