Not a Detective Uploaded to Distributor

Credit Torley – CC-BY-SA

Both the ebook and the audiobook of Vin Stone – Not a Detective are now safely in the hands of my distributor. It was a bit of a challenge, of course. It always is. Last year it was a hassle getting the audiobook accepted. They have rules, you know. Peak volume. Average volume. Bit rate. File numbering. It goes on. They’re even picky about spaces in the file name.

I was very careful this year and every file was exactly the way they want it. So far so good, they haven’t rejected it yet. I can’t say the same for the ebook, though. Suddenly this year, what I’ve been doing for years is no longer good enough. Their epub checker choked on the file with a long list of errors. After hacking and re-converting (three different ways) and trolling the internet and generally blundering about, I finally managed to submit a file that passed the checkers. The ones on the internet, anyway. I won’t be completely sure until the distributor’s checker deigns to comment.

The problem? I had a few things in the text file marked as title and subtitle. Apparently that’s a problem. I changed them to headings and all seems to be well.

Cross your fingers for me.


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