Wait, what?

Lake Superior State University

Lake Superior State University in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan has published its list of banished words for 2022. The number one offender is the phrase, “Wait, what?” I congratulate them on their choice. I also think it has become an offense to the sensibilities. It seems as if every time I turned on the TV, someone said it. As if they all wanted to be sure they were seen being clever enough to do so. Worse, I was finding it in books. TV is almost understandable. It is an ephemeral medium, so any momentary foolishness will soon be gone from view. But a book? It will be right there in print for ages, mercilessly exposing the shallowness of imagination in any writer unfortunate enough to have written it. Of course, if they’re using it in dialogue, then it might be okay. There can be plenty of good reasons for a character to be saying things like that. There had better be, anyway.

Here are the top three guilty words/phrases:

1. Wait, what?
2. No worries
3. At the end of the day

Go to the Lake Superior State University website for the rest of the top ten.


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