Snopes Fact-Checked These Images in 2021

Readers send suspect photos in to Snopes for verification or refutation. In the linked article they present some of the best of 2021.

This should go without saying: Not every realistic-looking photo you see online is a true depiction of reality.

That said, Photoshop and other digital editing apps can be tricky, tricky tools that even fool people who consider themselves pretty media savvy.

In May 2021, a video claimed to show Bill Gates with breast implants

In September 2021, the day after the country’s strictest abortion law went into effect in Texas, a photograph started circulated on social media that supposedly showed the new “Handmaid’s Tale” uniforms of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

I guess some of the perpetrators are just having fun, but some of them are serious. They want to cause trouble, maybe even to the point of destabilizing society. It’s good to have Snopes and others to watch out for us, but it’s disheartening that so many of us want to take the fake images at face value.


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2 Responses to Snopes Fact-Checked These Images in 2021

  1. David Boffey says:

    “some of them are serious. They want to cause trouble, ” Very true, I have encountered a few of them promoting the Flat Earth cult and also denial of AGW

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