8 comments on “The Sensible Thing

  1. Sensible: To me means the correct pathway or correct direction, the way with the least amount of trouble or difficulties.
    It is sensible to drive in the left lane when driving in England. After all, the steering wheel is on the right side of the vehicle.

  2. The shift of meaning is very real. If you decide to use “sensible” to mean “can be sensed”, you will need to provide surrounding context. It would be the sensible (practical) thing to do.

    • I see what you did there, Algot.-) It was sensible.

      I don’t know if it’s worth the effort and clutter of surrounding context just to use the word that way. I’m pretty sure that must be another of the basic writing rules for beginners. Don’t clutter up your prose.

  3. Couple things:

    Firstly, I’d use good Ole’ Concise Ox’ to get the first definition of “perceptible”, which is one of the words uses to firstly define sensible;

    Secondly, and this one I have personal experience with, I would speak my truth within my “realm” especially if within my realm, I am an entity that promotes equality, love for mankind, and in that real I use my gifts to illuminates society to the truth that’s beautiful and love-propelling/promoting l, and indeed if I was one of the souls that are given insights (such as using the word “sensible” as in the scenario this in response to, and you being someone who has a voice to inspire others to seek their own individual spirituality and essence, which counterintuitivly united all), well I’d follow my intuition and use the word “sensible” and I’d use it in the very sense of the word.

    • Same Stacy? I can tell that you like to play with words. I will think about your sensible advice.-)

      Good night.


    • Hi, Stacy. I’m interested in hearing more too. I checked out your website, but it said it had a security problem. Privacy, I think. I went anyway and it looks like you just started it?

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