Sunward Audiobook Published

From image by Astro Alex – CC-BY-SA

The audiobook of Sunward, the third novel in the Plainsrunner trilogy, is now available at these retail outlets.

Google Play
StreetLib Store

For more information on Sunward and the rest of the series, please visit the Books for Sale page.

This concludes the work on Sunward and the whole Plainsrunner trilogy. I’m fully immersed in the next novel now. Whether it will be singular or part of a series is something we will all find out later. For now, I’m just writing.


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Jim has fought forest fires and controlled traffic in the air and on the sea. Now he writes stories.
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2 Responses to Sunward Audiobook Published

  1. Laird Smith says:

    When will the paper books get published?

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