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As I said, I like to have an image on my computer desktop that reflects the book I’m working on. Often the image ends up being used as a cover image for the book. Above is what my desktop would look like if I went with the image preferred by the most people in my last request for help. Below is what the cover would look like — minus the required text, of course — and two more candidates.

Please let me know which one(s) you prefer. My criteria are evolving as I look at images, so it doesn’t strictly have to be a “poorly-lighted street at night.” It does have to be a city, though, possibly a street, preferably at night.

If you know of any other images that might fit my criteria, please mention them and provide a link


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8 Responses to More Cover Candidates

  1. I like the left, but would prefer the image to have the car at least partially showing. The car leaving evokes more feelings of dread than just the empty street…not sure if the emptiness matters.

    I did a quick screen capture and stuck it here:

  2. arjaybe says:

    That could work, and it lessens the amount of dark on the left. But I’m not sure having the car in it wouldn’t suit the story. I’ll let it percolate.

    Did you like either of the two new ones?

  3. Number 3 would be the alternate for me. It isn’t eerie, though, the long string of bright lights makes the scene mostly just calm and quiet.

  4. arjaybe says:

    Same for me on number 3. I have to admit I like number 2 a lot. Semi-abstract.

  5. Anonymous says:

    #3, waiting for the characters

  6. O-P says:

    #2 If you want dark an foreboding.

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