Canadian Environment Minister Given Extra Security


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via Catherine McKenna: Canada environment minister given extra security – BBC News


Catherine McKenna, Canada’s environment minister, has been given extra security as she and her family endure threats against their safety. She has been accosted online and on the street, threatened with violence, including sexual violence, by people who think epithets like “Climate Barbie” are clever. Well, maybe they are. Maybe you had to be there?

Catherine McKenna said in one recent incident a man in a car pulled up alongside her and her children, swore and called her a “climate Barbie”.

She said she had received messages that included sexualised insults and threats against her family. In person she has been called an enemy, a traitor and a “communist piece of garbage”.

And it’s not just ordinary guys attacking her.

Two years ago Canadian Conservative MP Gerry Ritz apologised to Ms McKenna after calling her “climate Barbie”.

I wonder if the guy in the car voted for Mr Ritz.

Ms McKenna is not the only person to be attacked by these people. As reported in this post, Greta Thunberg has been subjected to the same treatment. Ms Thunberg has become a symbolic leader for young people who are alarmed at the mess we’re leaving for them. She and others have received threats similar to those given to Minister McKenna. Ms Thunberg is setting an example for people her age. What kind of example are her abusers, and those abusing Ms McKenna, setting for children, and who’s example are they following?

Check out the BBC article for the rest of the story.


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