6 comments on “Am I Meant to be a Boy or a Girl?

  1. Not all people can be of the same opinion and opinion is neither right nor wrong.
    My story began upon my birth, long before any trans issues arrived. Even into my teen years there were no trans issues. Those trans issues became mainstream in the 90’s, long after I became an adult.
    My story is not transphobic because it is my story.

    • Here is a comment I got on this post:

      “Jim, there is a massive and terrible factual error in that post. All of the official standards of care for children make it clear that surgery is not a clinical option until they are young adults and able to chose about surgical intervention. While it has occasionally happened in a tiny number of cases (everyone I’ve heard of has been with good results) its most definitely not a thing that happens. Children who are in distress at being trans and able to articulate it are only given puberty blockers until they’re basically 18. Someone should add a correction. Otherwise the piece resembles a lot of the factually innacurate transphobic commentary being put about by anti-trans lobbyists.”

      • So I asked her if she would like to add the correction, since she knows a lot more about it than I do. I suggested she could comment here or even write a guest post . Her response was to write this about me on social media:

        “Now I’ve had some sleep I’m amazed I felt bad, wtf. This dude had written the absolutely worst garbage about kids getting grs even thought they “might not be trans” and wanted me to write a rebuttal free of charge, so he could be seen to be hosting a magnanimous debate on the subject. He had clearly been paying a lot of attention to my timeline as well. His name is @arjaybe for anyone who prefers to pre-block.”

        It’s probably my fault. I was probably too enthusiastic and she thought I was being overbearing. She seems to be confused about who wrote the post, though. It’s a shame because it might have been something good.


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