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  1. I have enjoyed your Cloud of the Day series although the scientific part is a bit hard for me to comprehend. As you wrote – the atmosphere is dynamic and complex. Some might say, “The stars guide our lives.” But perhaps we need not look any further than the clouds. We all watch them and they can make us thoughtful and often fearful. Some folks even talk to them.
    I leave a link (from my pclos NextCloud) to a poem I wrote
    Clouds Passing By.
    Add a bit of turbulence in your blog.


    • Sad poem? Yes and No. I think mostly No.

      We watch clouds and they constantly change. We see something meaningful in them. When we try to point out a face or animal to someone else, they never quite see what we see in the clouds.

      Perhaps life is like that. We meet people, ideas, situations that are meaningful to us. We build and hope, but often those dreams change. They wither. I think we are never the same person day to day. And the realization of this can come at dawn …. particularly when we realize others change too.

      And just as we see the sky with beautiful new clouds, we meet new people and situations which ease the pain of the past. Whatever/whomever we have met is a part of our heart/life. We adapt/grow as we pass by in this life.

      Do I sound morbid or what? LOL

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