Daily Crossword Puzzle

Credit Suzie Hudon – CC0

I’m experimenting with running a daily crossword puzzle widget. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out, that is, whether anyone will want to do it, or if it’s a trojan that will take over the website and hold it for ransom, for example, but I’m going to run it for at least a while.

If you do use it, let me know. Likewise let me know if you don’t think it’s appropriate, or if you know that it’s a trojan that’s going to hijack this website.

It’s only visible on the main home page, so you won’t see it if you link here to a specific blog post.


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Jim has fought forest fires and controlled traffic in the air and on the sea. Now he writes stories.
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2 Responses to Daily Crossword Puzzle

  1. Laird Smith says:

    This is the best crossword ever! I like that the wrong answers are highlighted in red, the used clues are highlighted in green. Wrong answers can be easily deleted. This works very well for me!

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