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Andres at TechnoLlama has written a blog post that explains how the internet is making us stupid, and it’s not just because we spend too much time on it. I’ll put a few quotes from his article here, and then you can follow the link to read the whole thing.

The flat Earth phenomenon is just the tip of the iceberg. We seem to be regressing in almost all aspects of knowledge and public discourse, from political discourse to climate change, easily-accessible and authoritative information is swept away by a torrent of fake news and falsehoods.

… media platforms have been designed to cater to what they think we like …

… social media presence is confused with expertise.

… in the era of Brexit and Trump, all pretence that reporting truth is an achievable goal has disappeared.

In some debates, even a mention of any traditional media source will be met with derision and incredulity.

So, is the internet making us stupid, or is it merely exposing our propensity for stupidity?

via The Internet is making us stupid – TechnoLlama


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