Science Prank

Credit Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

I’ve run a few posts dealing with bad science and the idiotic attitudes of some politicians toward science, including this one, and this one with a chart. Let’s get back at them.-)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has a good idea for how to prank politicians. All you have to do is tell them about a stupid-sounding classical science experiment, then watch them go on TV to denounce it. The panel shown above refers to the first successful vaccine ever developed, when Edward Jenner used cowpox to see if it could inoculate James Phipps, the eight-year-old son of his gardener, against smallpox. He first infected him with cowpox, and two months later with smallpox. You probably wouldn’t get away with that now.

Here’s a picture illustrating how vaccinations were received in the day.

Public Domain – tap for original

Follow this link to see the rest of the cartoon.


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