If You Must Take Offence

Crispian Jago, who maintains a blog called The Reason Stick, which he describes as “A blunt, shit-stained instrument wielded indiscriminately to bludgeon pseudoscience, superstition, blind faith and common or garden irrational bollocks,” and who has been publishing a series of posts chronicling his experience of cancer, has often pointed out the hypocrisy and plain silliness demonstrated by the utterings of believers. In this post he presents a handy chart giving them optional things that would be better to complain about. The theme of the chart seems to be that they can replace selfish, hurtful things with things that have a chance of making life better for others. They can demonstrate their Christianity by thinking about others rather than themselves. It remains to be seen whether any of them will take his advice.

Go to Crispian Jago’s site to see the complete chart.

via The Reason Stick


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