Francesians Finished

As I predicted, I finished proofreading and revising The Francesians by the end of the month. Now I get into the mechanical processes of bringing it into a publishable state. That means things like a title page, a table of contents and back matter. Then we come to the conversions to PDF and ePub so people can read them in the readers of their choice. PDF is pretty straightforward since LibreOffice can export directly to that format, and I don’t feel obliged to provide a “cover” for it. All I have to do is make sure it looks good and is formatted correctly. The ePub is a little trickier. There are many little details in the process that have to be just so to get the desired result. It’s finicky but we’re still on track to have it published before the end of summer, and that will be that for the Green Comet trilogy.


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Jim has fought forest fires and controlled traffic in the air and on the sea. Now he writes stories.
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2 Responses to Francesians Finished

  1. emmylgant says:

    You are definitely in the home stretch now! I am looking forward to the third tome and see how you have approached (and resolved?) that strange and yet familiar creatures.
    Congratulations my friend!

    • arjaybe says:

      Thank you for your continuing support. It means a lot to me.

      Someone who has read both Green Comet and Parasite Puppeteers recently sent me a letter saying that he liked the second one better. That’s the second person to say that. I still have a soft spot for the first one, but I’m obviously not impartial. This person also said that my style reminds him of HG Wells. So now that’s Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke and Wells.

      In his soft critique he said I have a good voice and a good style, to paraphrase and simplify what he said, but I don’t provide enough description for readers to visualize where they are.

      Sorry to carry on. It must be pretty plain where my head is these days.-)


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