6 comments on “Treedragon Sculpture Website

    • I left an opening for Treedragon to respond to you here, but it wasn’t as if I had expectations. He is a good storyteller, isn’t he? And brave to share something so personal.

      • I went on his site and looked at his amazing art. In the post I read he mentions that his sculptures are not for sale. After my initial surprise I thought that leaving his art to be enjoyed by all who see it is extremely generous. His art boggle my mind. His imagination and the way he links symbols to everything there is, in a subliminal way is a gift.
        Some creations are at their best in situ. I feel that way about his.
        Thank you for introducing him to me.
        Truly awesome. And yes he is very brave. On several levels.

        • I mentioned you over there, too, so you might be getting some visitors who are wondering about this unbuttoned thing.-)

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