8 comments on “Temporo-Spatial Synesthesia

  1. This is like hearing myself talk! My year is very similar to yours, my husband and family just think I’m crackers but like you it wasn’t until my adult life that I realised not everyone thinks this way. The days of the week have colours, and certain words and voices have a ‘-ness’ but it’s so hard to put into words. Love the diagrams here, captures it really well for me. I’m going to show my family this!

    • I’m sorry for the delay. Been working on the site.

      Thank you for your comment Lindsay. While you’re here, please download the books, or if you prefer to listen, the readings. See if the synesthesia in them is overdone or underdone. Don’t worry; they’re free.

      I just assumed that everyone had their experiences augmented by the other senses. It seemed logical that our perceptions would do that to give us a more complete picture of the world.


  2. My brother and I have the exact same monthly map in our minds and did not realize it until adulthood. It looks almost like yours except it moves counter-clockwise. I would try to explain it to people and everyone would look at me like I was crazy. I have always seen month of the year, days of the week, and numbers in this circular map and never thought anything about it until I realized it was unusual as I got older!

    Thank you for sharing your story!


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Jen. Like you, I just assumed that everyone must see it, and I never asked my brother whether he did.


  3. Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?

    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Many thanks

    • I wouldn’t mind at all, Lea. I don’t know that much about Twitter but I can’t see any harm in people there reading the greencomet blog.


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