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Authors cherish reviews. The right review in the right place can have a profound impact on the fate of a book. Since the most important thing for a book is to be discovered — no one can read your book if they don’t know it’s there — we’re always grateful when we see that someone has taken the time to create a review of it. Most recently, a person called USSROVER has posted a short review of both books on OpenBooks. (I think they look kind of funny with the old covers.) Here’s a link to the Green Comet review (I enjoyed this book from the start,) and here’s one to the Parasite Puppeteers one (Again very well written and actually better than ‘Green Comet‘.) Interestingly, the reviewer prefers the second book. I find that interesting because I’m partial to the first one. I guess that could just be a sentimental product of it being the first.

So, go check out these reviews. Drop a comment to let USSROVER know what you think of them. And if you’ve got a minute, click the review button and add one of your own. Because we authors just love reviews.-)


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