Dead Celebrities – 2016

Credit The Reason Stick – Crispian Jago. Tap image for source post.

Here’s a good pictorial representation of some of the celebrities who died in 2016. There’s also a key to it, so you can identify who they are.

2016 has not been the best year. The horror in Syria has provided a poignant and chilling backdrop to a year that has seen the politics of misinformation and fear trump humanity and reason. The tabloid media has successfully ensured that the divisive populist opinions they encourage now hold sway over expert opinion and empirical evidence. In the US and the UK Trump and Farage have successfully rode this tide of misinformation, opinion and fear. Meanwhile an epic cast of personalities have fallen around us.

The blogger, Crispian Jago, feels that the year was a bad one not only because so many celebrities died, but also because of what he sees as ongoing generally deteriorating civility. It’s hard to argue with him, but remember that this is just a blip in the long history of humans on Earth. We’ll probably survive this as we’ve survived so many similar periods in the past. Well, some of us will, anyway.

Here’s to a better 2017.


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6 Responses to Dead Celebrities – 2016

  1. emmylgant says:

    Happy New Year rjb and thank you for steadfastly sharing what is factual as well as interesting.
    There’s a brilliant mind under that hat:)

  2. Laird Smith says:

    Thanks Jim for all your contributions during 2016, especially your quick wit, as appropriately demonstrated by the last line of your statement.
    Happy New Year too.

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